Everything you need to know about laminate underlays

Have you heard that old joke, what does a Mexican put under his carpet?Underlay, underlay!But seriously, underlay is a vital part of any type of flooring, especially for laminate due to its composition. Choosing suitable underlay for your flooring project is important to make sure that your laminate will last for years to come.

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What Are AC Ratings When It Comes to Choosing Laminate Flooring?

When looking to purchase laminate flooring, it is crucial to know beforehand how it will perform under specific traffic conditions over the long haul. Laminate AC ratings have been put in place to protect consumers by giving them a guide to get their money's worth.

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The ultimate guide to cleaning and looking after laminate floors

Everyone loves a hardwood floor, but many of them are not solid wood all the way through. Rather, they are laminate - an engineered wood flooring solution that is stronger, more versatile, more hygienic and more cost-effective than solid wood. Increasingly popular and suitable for DIY installation, laminate floors are often the perfect solution.

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What are the different types of laminate floorings?

Even the most experienced buyer can be confused by the different processes, systems and AC ratings when looking at buying laminate flooring. Both hardwood and laminate flooring look quite similar in the end, but the installation processes of the two differ quite substantially.

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The Ultimate Guide To Installing Laminate Flooring Yourself

Installing laminate flooring yourself is not always as difficult as it looks. If you have some experience with DIY, the right equipment and the time to do the job, there’s no reason why you can’t install your own laminate flooring.

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Laminate versus engineered wood: what’s best?

Laminate and engineered wood are two widely used flooring options that are used in a range of flooring applications, however, because of their numerous similarities, most people usually confuse one for the other; hence the need to distinguish them and determine which one is more suitable for your needs.

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How to prepare your floor before installing laminate flooring

Laminate is an affordable and attractive option for upgrading your home’s flooring. It is available in different textures and colours to suit your interior décor, plus it is durable and easy to maintain.

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Expert tips on laying laminate on corners, edges and transitions

Using laminate flooring for your home is a great way to achieve a wood-like look and is usually an inexpensive and durable alternative to hardwood flooring. However, fitting laminate around corners, edges and transitions may prove a little bit challenging and if not done correctly, it can ruin the look of your floor.

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