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How to tell the difference between solid timber and laminate flooring.

Is it Solid Timber or laminate? You might be surprised at how...

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The advantages of laminate flooring

If you are choosing a floor-covering and thinking of laminate flooring then,...

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The ultimate guide to cleaning and looking after laminate floors

Everyone loves a hardwood floor, but many of them are not solid...

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The Complete Buyer’s Guide To Choosing Laminate Flooring

When it comes to choosing laminate flooring, we know that it can...

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Investor guide: the best low-maintenance flooring for rentals

For property investors, flooring is always an important consideration. The style, quality,...

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How to replace carpet with laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is one of our many favourite types of flooring at Parrys,...

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What kinds of floors increase home resale value?

When you’re renovating your property, either to rent it out or to...

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What is a floating floor?

Floating floors have been getting a great deal of attention in recent...

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8 or 12mm: How to Choose Laminate Thickness

Laminate is considered one of the toughest materials in the flooring industry. In...

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Can laminate be installed on top of an existing floor?

The short answer to this question is ‘yes’. But, there are a...

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How to repair damaged laminate flooring

Whether it is for your home or for an office space, laminate flooring is...

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Everything you need to know about laminate underlays

Have you heard that old joke, what does a Mexican put under...

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What Are AC Ratings When It Comes to Choosing Laminate Flooring?

When looking to purchase laminate flooring, it is crucial to know beforehand how...

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What are the different types of laminate floorings?

Even the most experienced buyer can be confused by the different processes,...

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The Ultimate Guide To Installing Laminate Flooring Yourself

Installing laminate flooring yourself is not always as difficult as it looks....

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Laminate versus engineered wood: what’s best?

Laminate and timber flooring are two widely used flooring options that are...

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Expert tips on laying laminate on corners, edges and transitions

Using laminate flooring for your home is a great way to achieve...

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How to prepare your floor before installing laminate flooring

Laminate is an affordable and attractive option for upgrading your home’s flooring....

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Laminate versus vinyl flooring: what’s best?

If you are building, renovating or remodelling your home, your choice of...

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Carpet versus Laminate Flooring: what’s best?

Floor covering is so important to consider when planning your new home...

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