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Flooring trends 2022

The latest flooring trends are here for 2022 and now might be the perfect time to update your home with new materials, new methods and new moods.

It goes without saying that Flooring trends don’t move as fast as designs in other areas of your home. Unlike things like paint colours, they are not something that get updated quite as regularly due to their longevity. But, as they can make the biggest impact to a space, it is pleasing to see that the new ideas keep coming.

‘Be bold and use vibrant patterns and bold colours’.

This year, geometric designs don’t seem to be going anywhere in a hurry and are still popular choices across both carpet and hard flooring. However, we are also seeing the emergence of interior design trends are that making a bold statement as people embrace vibrant patterns and bold colours. With their technology improving and popularity rising, Hybrid and Laminate flooring now have more options than ever, while carpet is making a comeback in living areas and theatre rooms.

“What we are seeing more and more are hybrid flooring options”

The rapid improvements in technology have revolutionised flooring across the board. This innovation, coupled with the wide range of options available has seen a resurgence in Laminate and vinyl and people are taking the opportunity to experiment with more unusual designs. Once seen as outdated, these materials are now back in vogue due to their design flexibility and durability. And, because the flooring is thinner, the floor level in the room isn’t affected as much.

‘People’s appetite for spending more time at home means they are being adventurous in their colours and choices’

Selecting the right flooring

Selecting the right flooring for a home can impact the space’s visual appeal and add an interesting and dramatic effect. If you are unsure as to what floor will best suit your property, here are seven tips to guide you through the selection process.


Selecting the style of flooring based on the existing decor is a key step while making your decision. It is important to remember that the selected flooring must blend with the surroundings and overall design of the space. When determining a choice, make sure you select the material that complements your style, design and furnishings.


One important thing to consider before selecting the type of flooring to be laid is the physical dimensions of the space. Shape and size of your room play an integral role in making the right selection and while a light shade can make a small room feel spacious, a darker one can bring compactness and warmth.


Another key consideration while choosing the right flooring is the usage – e.g. what will your room primarily be used for and how often? For example, if the flooring will likely be in a high foot-traffic area like a living room, you should be looking towards options that are durable and long-lasting. And remember, the selected flooring should always merge with your home’s existing elements


As mentioned, there are now a wide range of flooring materials available, and this often leaves people unsure as to what type is best. From hardwood to carpet and everything in between, the pure number of flooring choices provides buyers with mind-boggling options. This means that you need to have a clear idea as to what type of floor you want to install. After making this crucial choice, shapes and textures can be selected with confidence.

1. Hybrid
2. Carpet
3. Laminate
4. Vinyl
5. Timber


An important consideration while choosing the flooring is how much maintenance it requires (both in frequency and cost). An easy-to-maintain floor can be kept pristine with quick and easy tasks like mopping. These floors remain in a good condition with minimal effort and are ideal for those who don’t have a lot of time to spare.

On the other hand, floors like timber often require high maintenance which can add to the expense and prove to be stressful to those who are time-poor or on a tighter budget.

Find out more about Taking Care of Your flooring


Depending on the type, flooring can either be installed by a professional or you can opt for a pocket-friendly method by installing it yourself. For DIY flooring, laminate and hybrid floors are considered to be the simplest to install which can be an ideal choice for those who are budget conscious.

*We recommend seek professional advice before installing yourself*


Like most of the products on the market, floors can be either relatively cheap or eye-wateringly expensive. That said, it is important to make sure you have a clear idea of your budget before diving into the trends.

Need help choosing? Contact our friendly staff and we’ll help you find the right flooring product for your needs – whether it’s a renovation or a new build, we’ve got all your flooring needs in one spot.

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