Nylon Carpets

Enjoy the modern look and durability of nylon carpets

Synthetic carpets have come such a long way since their introduction and are a great choice for those with younger families who need an extra bit of durability for their flooring.

Discover the many benefits of nylon carpets

Tough and durable Nylon is a very strong fibre and it stands up very well to abrasion. It is also highly durable and with proper care will look as good as new, no matter how long you have it! It also has great “yarn memory” which prevents crushing of your carpet, making it look flat and worn. Soil and stain resistant The manufacturing process for Parry’s Nylon carpeting means that it is designed with superior stain resistance, perfect for high-traffic areas in your home. Fade resistant Fading is not something you have to worry about with nylon carpets. This means they are perfectly suited for those areas that are exposed to direct sunlight, like areas near large windows.

Our range of nylon carpets

If you’re looking for nylon carpets, Parrys is one of the biggest stockists of carpet remnants and rolls in Perth!

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Polypropylene Carpets

Make the smart choice for your home with polypropylene carpet

Polypropylene, also known as Olefin, is a synthetic fibre used in carpeting, it is easily made by manufacturers, which results in an inexpensive product for consumers. It’s highly admired for its wool-like appearance, for a fraction of the cost!

Discover the many benefits of polypropylene carpets

Highly stain resistant

Polypropylene is hydrophobic, which means that it does not absorb liquid. Due to this, polypropylene carpets must be solution-dyed, meaning that the colour is added to the fibre during production, rather than dyeing the fibre after it’s made. Because solution-dyed fibres have no open dye sites (like pores) there is nowhere for stains to attach themselves, making polypropylene carpets highly resistant to staining.

Practical and durable

Polypropylene carpets offer excellent fade and stain resistance due to their manufacturing process. They are also easy to clean, which makes them a great choice in any environment where the carpets may be subjected to unexpected spills and accidents, like children’s bedrooms and playrooms.

Great quality at an even better price

Polypropylene fibres offer low resilience, meaning that unlike nylon and wool carpets they do not have as much “bounce back”, but by choosing a low loop style carpet you can decrease the visible signs of flattening. Polypropylene carpet’s ease of cleaning, fade and stain-resistance and low price point, make it a great option for families on a budget who still want a great-looking, quality product.

Our range of polypropylene carpets

If you’re looking for polypropylene carpets, look no further! Parrys is one of the biggest stockists of carpets in Perth.

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Wool Carpets

Bring the natural beauty of wool in your home

100% pure natural wool used in carpets remains one of the most popular fibres in Australia due to its unique properties. Wool carpets can bring so much more to your home than simply a sense of luxury.

Discover the many benefits of wool carpets

Highly resilient and durable

Extremely strong and long-lasting, wool fibre has excellent back-bounce properties allowing the carpet to retain its original appearance after compression. When looked after with care, luxurious wool carpets can stand the test of time.

Naturally soil and stain resistant

Wool fibre also has overlapping microscopic scales that prevent dirt from lodging into the carpet. Wool carpets clean very well with regular vacuuming and can resist liquid-based spills.

Luxuriously soft and warm

Wool’s unique combination of softness with springiness will leave you wanting to walk around barefoot all day.

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