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How to care for your engineered timber floors

Now that you are the proud owner of some stunning engineered timber flooring, you might be wondering how to take care of them. At Parrys we want every one of our customers to love their new flooring for many years to come, so we have put together some of our top tips to help your new floors keep looking as beautiful as the day you had them installed!


Engineered timber flooring is still made from timber, so it requires almost the same cleaning methods as any other type of hardwood flooring. Follow our cleaning tips below for taking care of your gorgeous new engineered timber flooring.

  • Use a dry microfiber dust mop to pick up dirt and debris from the floor.
    Microfiber is perfect for gathering dirt and dust without the risk of surface damage, you can buy microfiber cloths, mops and cleaning mitts from many stores.
  • Use either a broom or a vacuum cleaner with a soft flooring attachment.
    A soft bristled broom is all you need to help clear your engineered timber flooring of dirt and debris, but for those who do not like sweeping, you can use your vacuum cleaner with a soft flooring attachment. The “regular” vacuum cleaner attachment can cause scratches and damage to engineered timber flooring.
  • Don’t use harsh cleaners.
    Wax-based cleaners, powerful detergents, or steel wool should never be used to clean engineered timber flooring. You should only try to clean your engineered timber flooring with a damp mop or cloth where possible, but your Parry’s Flooring consultant can recommend some cleaning agents for very dirty flooring.
  • Never use a steam cleaner on your engineered timber flooring.
    While a steam cleaner can be a useful tool for cleaning other flooring, it should never be used on engineered timber flooring. The steam can damage the wood surface by forcing water into the veneer and the top layer of timber.


Once you have seen how stunning your new engineered timber flooring is now that it’s spick and span, we know you’ll want to keep it that way! Below are some maintenance tips to help you reduce damage to your flooring and help keep them looking stunning.

  • Clean up spills as soon as possible.
    While engineered timber flooring is less susceptible to water damage than polished hardwood flooring, prolonged exposure to liquids can result in damage.
  • Watch what shoes you wear indoors.
    Avoid walking on your floors with high heeled shoes or boots because they can cause damage to the upper wear layer of the floor. Try to avoid wearing shoes inside and encourage your guests to do the same to help protect your engineered timber flooring.
  • Keep mats and rugs at entranceways.
    This will keep dirt, moisture, sand, and debris out of the house and off of your floor. It will also help you avoid scratches, keeping the upper wear layer and finish of your floor safe and intact for longer.
  • Try to sweep/vacuum daily and always sweep or dust before you mop.
    Remove as much dirt and debris before mopping to prevent abrasive particles from scratching the surface. Lighter-coloured types of engineered timber flooring such as blackbutt timber floors or spotted gum timber floors may show dirt more easily, so it is always a good idea to keep them as clean as possible!
  • Place all houseplants and furniture on felt pads.
    These can be bought from a wide range of department and hardware stores and will help to avoid nicks and scratches.

Accidental Cleaning

We all have those clumsy moments where we spill and drop things, we are only human! We have put together some of the most common accidents your floors might face and how to fix them.


As we have mentioned previously, it is always important to clean up spills as soon as they happen to avoid damage to your floor. If a simple wipe with a damp cloth won’t clean up the mess, you may have to break out the big guns, by using cleaning liquid. Never use a harsh cleaning liquid, or use a home concoction with bleach, vinegar, or ammonia! Only ever use a cleaning liquid recommended by your Parrys flooring consultant.


If you have damaged a part of your engineered timber flooring, don’t despair! Small nicks, indents or damaged parts can be filled with wood putty that can be bought from your local hardware store. For any damage that is more substantial, speak to your Parry flooring consultant for their recommendations.

Now that you know all the tips and tricks, you will be able to keep your new engineered timber flooring looking stunning for many years to come! For any further advice on how to care for your engineered timber flooring, simply speak to your expert Parrys flooring consultant.

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