One of the most frustrating ways that people can waste money when improving their home is through material wastage. But you can ensure you avoid this by making sure you are only buying the correct amount of floor covering needed for your home.

If you do not have a plan of your home, you can follow the below method to calculate the size of your rooms. Our professional and qualified salespeople will do the rest!

How To Measure Your Rooms

You only need a tape measure, masking tape and a few simple calculations to figure out how much floor covering is needed for your room.

One thing to do before getting started is deciding what kind of floor covering you would like in the room. Carpet is generally sold by the Lineal Metre (3.66m wide), whereas other floor coverings such as timber flooring are sold by square metres. We would also advise adding an extra 10% of the measurement to account for any wastage.

How To Calculate For A Single Room

Let’s start with a simple room; if your room is 4m by 6m, we would use the below formula to get the area:

Length in Metres X Width in Metres

  • 6.0m x 4.0m = 24m2 + 2.4m (10% wastage)
  • Total required = 26.4m2

How To Calculate For Multiple Rooms

Let’s say you have a room that is a bit more complicated, that isn’t a simple rectangle or square, or you want to use the flooring across multiple rooms. You can still use the calculation as above, but you will need to section off areas of the room using the masking tape so that you have multiple rectangles to get m2 of each area individually. Once you have measured each section, you can then use the calculation above to get your square metre area:

Length in Metres X Width in Metres

  • Bedroom A 4.0m x 3.0m = 12m2
  • Bedroom B 3.0m x 3.0m = 9m2
  • Passage X 3.0m x 1.0m = 3m2
  • Passage Y 1.0m x 2.0m = 2m2
  • Total required = 28.6m2

And it’s as simple as that!

The only thing left to do is talk to your friendly Parrys flooring specialist at your closest store or contact us today!

Disclaimer: These calculations are to be used as a guide only. For more information on our flooring range, please consult a team member at your local Parrys store.