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Autumn Trends, Colours and Flooring for the Season

When autumn arrives and temperatures begin to drop, many of us start thinking about how to keep a little more heat in our homes.

Flooring has a large role to play when it comes to creating a cosy atmosphere, as it can help generate a sense of warmth and space.

The best floor choices for cooler weather? Vinyl and hybrid flooring are ideal as they stay cool in summer, but also warm fast, making them more pleasant underfoot than ice cold tiles. These versatile flooring options are also robust and easy to clean, meaning they’re great for busy spaces.

Carpet can also be a great choice as the temperature begins heading south because of its snug and inviting feel.

Importantly, your underlay – which sits underneath carpet and acts as a further insulator to regulate temperature – can be upgraded to help further save on your energy costs.

Many people opt for thicker and denser underlay because uninsulated floors can cause up to 20% of home heat loss, but underlay comes in many options to suit all budgets.

2024 flooring trends

If you’re planning a flooring upgrade, it pays to be across the latest colour trends to ensure your home has modern appeal.

Both hybrid and vinyl flooring come in myriad tones. This year, the focus is – more than ever – on authentic wood tones as a way to bring the feel of nature into indoor living spaces.

While contemporary, paler colours that provide a sense of space are still an option, the prediction is a shift towards deeper, richer wood colours.

The popularity of sophisticated medium to dark tone hardwood floors is expected to surge in 2024. These colours create a luxurious feel and will guarantee your home doesn’t date in the years ahead.

Shoes on a wooden floor

Warming touches

Once you’ve settled on your new flooring and had it installed by our expert team, adding another layer of warmth and interest – with rugs, throws, cushions and statement armchairs, for example – is easy.

This year’s decor trends continue the focus on bringing the warmth of nature inside the home, with comforting earthy tones such as browns, deeper greens and terracotta proving popular. Bold patterns are also in.

Another way to add energy and stay on-trend (as well as clean your air!) with green hues is introducing indoor plants. In keeping with the natural theme, go for pots or stands with a stone, rattan or wood look.

That’s it from us.

Enjoy your new autumn flooring!

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