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Best Flooring Solutions for an Active Family Home

A family home is a home full of life. In energised spaces, flooring needs to be able to withstand varied activity – and the occasional bout of chaos!

So, what do you need to ponder when shopping for floor coverings for a fast-paced home?

#1 Budget

Considering how much you can afford to spend is a big factor.

This may dictate whether you have the same type of floor covering throughout your whole house or if you swap it up to save a little.

Top tip: Budget also influences the quality of the flooring you embrace, so knowing what you can spend – at the outset – helps guide your choices.

#2 Lifestyle

Is your home peaceful or does it move at speed?

Do your kids jump out of the pool and traipse water inside? Are they younger or older?

How much time do you spend in each room?

Do you want a homely feel?

Answering these questions – and more – offers your flooring consultant valuable insights.

Top tip: Write notes to share with us in-store; it helps us know what flooring to recommend and speeds up the process.

#3 Kids

Even with busy children in the home, stylish flooring is possible!

It may just mean opting for great-looking coverings that are also sturdy, such as those with scratch and/or water resistant top layers.

Your choice depends on who your kids are and how you run your home!

#4 Pets

Furry family members form a crucial part of the decision-making process.

As much as we love them, they can shed fur, cause spills, and scratch surfaces.

So, observe your pets to see how they interact with the floor coverings of your home before you begin shopping.

An active home: key tips for flooring options

With an extensive range of floor coverings available, you don’t have to sacrifice on style to enjoy longevity.

Vinyl is perfect for time-poor families because it’s easy and quick to clean, thanks to being water and stain resistant. It’s robust, so it takes a lot for it be severely damaged and is ideal for high-traffic areas, like hallways. Better yet, it looks fabulous and offers value for money.

Carpet adds warmth to a bustling home and helps create a calmer atmosphere in bedrooms and sitting rooms. It’s good at absorbing sound, is a natural insulator and provides that bit more padding, making it perfect for staircases. When choosing carpet for your active home, seek out the specific types that are highly stain resistant and built to last.

Hybrid floors are 100% waterproof, resilient to temperature changes, sophisticated and highly durable. As well, they’re odour-proof and scratch resistant!

Engineered timber is cheaper than polished hardwood floors and less likely to warp, swell or succumb to water damage. It looks elegant, is fast to install, easy to repair, not as hard – or cold – as tiles, and is allergy friendly.

We hope these flooring insights make your journey simpler.

See you at a Parrys store soon!

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Ian is a renowned floor covering expert in product knowledge and installation. He is specialized in all types of floor coverings for many years and his knowledge in the industry is exceptional. Feel free to ask Ian any floor covering question you may have.

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