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Light vs Dark Flooring 

When contemplating fresh hardwood floors for your home, choosing between light or dark wood is often one of the most challenging decisions. 

Making this choice early in the process, however, can make floor shopping much simpler. 

Once you know if you’re opting for light or dark floors, other considerations can be easily factored in. 

So, what’s there to think about to make this crucial decision? 

Your style preference 

Usually, we feel a pull towards either light or dark floors, and it’s often linked to the style of the home we have. 

So, first think about the overall feel of your interior design. Is it contemporary? Rustic? Coastal? Eclectic? Your style can easily help direct the ‘dark vs light’ wood flooring selection. 

Next, ponder how each type of wood makes you feel. Picture homes you’ve been in with both dark and light wood floors – or look for inspiration online – and consider your reactions. 

For some of us, light floors feel too casual, or we think they leave a room ‘washed out’. Others love the sense of space light floors can bring and feel restricted by dark floors. 

Many people enjoy the sophistication of rich, deeper wood tones and the grounding effect they can generate, thanks to their beauty and warmth. Dark wood flooring is associated with elegance and timelessness, too. 

Which room? 

Sometimes, the ‘light vs dark’ choice all comes down to the specific room. 

If you’re choosing hardwood floors for your office, library or dining space, what you opt for may be different to what you’d select for the kitchen, bedroom or general living area. 

For example, the desire for a classically-inspired look in a luxurious bedroom or den may lend itself towards selecting a darker wood floor. 

When wanting to build the feeling of an airy, open kitchen that provokes conversation or a play space that inspires creativity, a lighter wood may be the best bet.  

Lighter woods are more subtle, making them perfect platforms for adding bolder furniture and décor with more colours and patterns. 

Light & size 

Considering the amount of natural light in a room and the size of the space is also helpful. 

Lighter coloured woods can brighten a room with less natural light coming in, assisting it to feel larger, so if you have a darker space that’s small, going for light wood can be wise. 

Darker woods tend to make rooms look smaller. That makes them ideal for big spaces that are lacking in warmth and intimacy, as it can add a sense of cosiness.  

When you have a room filled with sunlight, dark wood can be used for contrast and depth and to make a statement. Don’t forget, lighter walls can offset richer-toned flooring. 

Practical considerations 

Another key factor to think about is cleaning and maintenance

Light floors are known to show less debris and dust than dark wood, which isn’t as forgiving. 

This may mean light wood could be a better choice in high-traffic rooms as it’s easier to maintain. 

While dark wood can hide dirt well (because it blends in more), lighter coloured dust and pet hair will be more obvious. Scratches may also be more noticeable on darker wood flooring, however, scratch-resistant flooring is available.  

Worried about fading floors? Ask your Parrys Flooring Solution Specialist for advice on how you can minimise the sun’s impact on your wood flooring. 

The take-home 

Whether you’ve settled on light or dark hardwood floors – or still haven’t decided! –  

Parrys Flooring Solution Specialists are ready to guide you. 

Our engineered timber and oak timber floorboards, and hybrid flooring options are endless. Need your light or dark wood floors to be 100% waterproof? Want them to be odour-proof and stain resistant? No problem! 

We understand that new flooring is an investment, and that style and durability are essential, so get in touch with our helpful team today. 

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Ian Minotti

About Ian Minotti

Ian is a renowned floor covering expert in product knowledge and installation. He is specialized in all types of floor coverings for many years and his knowledge in the industry is exceptional. Feel free to ask Ian any floor covering question you may have.

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