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How to repair damaged laminate flooring

Whether it is for your home or for an office space, laminate flooring is often seen as a durable yet inexpensive option.

When correctly installed and properly looked after, laminate floors greatly enhance the look and feel of a room and can last for many years. However, even the strongest and most hard wearing materials can get worn and damaged over time. High traffic as well as pressure can cause wear and heat and moisture can create damage.

The following article looks at maintenance tips to help you prevent damage and keep your laminate in the best possible condition. In the event damage is more serious we will look at whether the laminate floor can be repaired or if it should it be replaced.

Installation and maintenance

Correct installation, whether done by a professional like Parrys or done yourself, is the first step in setting up your laminate flooring for a long life.

Read our guide on how to install laminate flooring yourself.

Following the manufacturers’ instructions for cleaning and care is the next step. Note that even if you maintain your floors according to recommendations, wear and tear is likely inevitable and damage can happen due to events out of your control.

Read our guide on how to clean and look after laminate floors.

Scratches and chips

Scratches and chips caused by heavy traffic, household pets or items being dropped on the floor should be repaired as soon as possible. Using a laminate repair kit can help prevent scratches and chips from becoming larger and more visible.

How to prevent them?

While you may not be able to completely eliminate normal wear and tear that can cause minor damage, there are a number of things you can do to help prevent scratches and chips. For example use furniture pads under the legs of furniture pieces, don’t wear heels or heavy shoes on the laminate, keep pets claws trimmed, place mats or rugs on heavy traffic areas.

How to repair?

Purchase a laminate repair kit that matches your flooring and follow the instructions that come with the kit. Most kits will instruct you to apply the putty or wax over the scratches, then wipe away excess product and buff the edges to smooth and blend in with the rest of the floor.

Note that at Parry’s we don’t stock laminate repair kits but you will find them in most home improvement and outdoor living stores.

Moisture damage

Moisture damage can be caused by water leaks from household appliances, spills, improper cleaning methods, house pets, relative humidity, building or plumbing leaks and flooding.

Damage caused by excessive moisture can include cupping or concave bow, convex bow or doming or any other warping or lifting and may unfortunately require the affected  laminate planks to be replaced.

How to prevent it?

While accidental spills or leaks are sometimes unavoidable, there are a few things you can do to reduce the likelihood of damage caused by moisture.

  1. Ensure appliances are well maintained and replaced if they leak
  2. Maintain household plumbing
  3. Reduce humidity wherever possible
  4. Follow the manufacturers’ recommended cleaning methods.

How to repair?

Wiping up spills immediately is probably the best way to prevent water damage. A light spill is unlikely to cause lasting damage if cleaned up and dried immediately. Don’t forget to thoroughly dry the affected area using a dry cloth and if necessary a hair dryer or fan.

For more extensive damage your will need to find out if your damaged board / boards are repairable or need replacing. Speak to our experts at Parrys.


Warping usually occurs when laminate flooring does not have enough space to contract and expand with temperature changes. Which is why warping commonly occurs on boards near the wall: when the walls expand in the heat, it leaves nowhere for the flooring to go and cause boards to warp.

How to prevent it?

It’s always recommended to have your laminate flooring installed professionally. Floor installers have knowledge and many years experience in how to best install planks to prevent warping and will allow for possible expansion.

How to repair?

Moderate warping can usually be resolved without needing to remove the affected planks. It will be necessary to remove the trim and moulding and replace the spacers between the planks with smaller ones. After replacing the spacers/insertions, press the warped board / boards back into place and replace the moulding.

For more extensive damage, it may be necessary for the affected plank / planks to be replaced. Speak to our experts at Parrys.

Cracks and broken boards

Large cracks, dents or breaks can be caused by heavy or sharp objects being dropped on the floor. These can also be due to the expansion of smaller cracks or dents that have not been repaired or have been repaired incorrectly.

Unfortunately, cracked and broken boards generally can’t be repaired and the affected planks will need to be replaced by a professional.

How to prevent it?

The best prevention is to repair small scratches and dents as they occur, and don’t leave them to become worse. Try to avoid accidental dropping or scraping of heavy or sharp items.

Replacing damaged laminate

In any situation where your damaged flooring needs to be replaced, you have the option of using a professional flooring specialist or replace the damaged planks yourself.

Doing it yourself will take a little effort but will save the cost of hiring an expert for the replacement. For professional help and advice on replacing laminate planks, talk to our experts at Parrys.  

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