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Wool – What to expect

While many people may know the basic differences between a natural wool carpet and a synthetic one, it is important to also understand what you can expect when your wool carpet is newly installed.

Weird in name but quite common in nature, ‘sprouting’ is when a single tuft lifts from the carpets pile surface. In most situations, sprouting can be easily rectified in a cut pile carpet by gently trimming the tufts with a pair of sharp scissors but make sure you do not pull the tuft, as this could further damage the area.

If you have a loop pile carpet do not cut the tuft! Instead, please contact the experience team at Parrys to discuss your options – which may involve professional repair.

If you notice your vacuum filling up with bits of fibre from your next carpet – do not be alarmed as this is just remnants of fibre from when the carpet was manufactured. Known as ‘fluffing’, these little fibre balls commonly appear on the surface of new carpets and while they may seem unsightly at first, they will soon vanish after several thorough vacuums.

On loop pile carpets, you may find this fluff is harder to dislodge, but a strong vacuum should normally do the trick.

Tracking vs. permanent shading
There is no doubt that many of you would have experienced ‘tracking’, which is when imprints are left by your footprints on the carpet surface.

Tracking is most common with plusher type carpets, and while it will disappear with a thorough vacuum, it will also likely reappear next time the carpet is walked on. As such, it is important to make sure you pay extra attention to those areas with high foot traffic like hallways.

Likewise, if you have a plush or cut pile carpet, you may notice that it develops lighter or darker patches over time. This is known as “shading” and happens when the carpet fibres are permanently bent or folded over. While it is impossible to predict where and when shading may occur, it is most often related to where the carpet is located.

Shading does not affect the durability of the carpet and can appear several months after installation.

Unsurprisingly, if parts of your wool carpet are exposed to direct sunlight there is, over time, the chance that it may fade or discolour. While this can affect all carpets, there are some types that are more fade resistant than others. So, if your carpet is likely to see a lot of sun, make sure you do your research into which types of carpet are best. Alternatively, pop into one of our Parrys stores and our experienced team can help shine the light on what is appropriate for you.

Furniture marks
When using heavy furniture, it is important to remember to use furniture cups and move the furniture regularly (a few centimetres is fine) to prevent unsightly indentations and damage to your carpet.

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