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The advantages of laminate flooring

If you are choosing a floor-covering and thinking of laminate flooring then, first of all, you should be considering value for money plus how it will look in your home or business.

You should also think about how easy it is to install, keep clean and maintain and, of course, how long your new flooring will last.

Let’s look at these key points for laminate flooring in more detail…


The production methods used for laminated flooring make it less expensive than other flooring. You are getting flooring with an authentic wood-like look without breaking the bank. When you also consider easy maintenance and how durable it is, the longevity of laminate flooring makes it a great economical choice.


Laminated flooring is constructed of multiple layers, including a protective, durable plastic layer and a pattern layer. The laminate pattern layer is produced using a high definition printer. Laminate replicates the appearance of natural materials and has an authentic hardwood or stone look.


Laminated flooring uses a simple click-locking system. This makes it very easy to install, as a DIY job. A benefit of doing it yourself is that you can begin at your own convenience, whenever is best for you plus saving you the installation costs. Laminate can be laid over your floor with a simple floating installation, which anybody could do, without a contractor’s licence.

Laminated flooring is environmentally friendly and can be recycled. To reuse your flooring, simply uninstall it and then reinstall in a different room or building.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Laminated flooring is very easy to maintain to keep it looking like new. It is pretty much stain-resistant and spills and other accidents are simple to handle. Most laminate is moisture resistant so you could clean up any spills using a damp mop.

Your laminated floor doesn’t require you to use any special cleaning products or solutions. You won’t need waxes or varnishes to maintain a pristine appearance. Normally, just run a broom or vacuum over your flooring to keep it looking as new.


Protected by a tough durable plastic layer, longevity is a big advantage of laminated flooring.

Virtually resistant to dogs, cats, your kids, and even high heeled shoes and laminated flooring won’t fade in the sunlight. Stronger, and more scratch-resistant than most other flooring, laminate maintains its as-new appearance for longer.


Laminated flooring is a very cost-effective choice with little effort needed for regular cleaning and maintenance. Also consider durability and that it will maintain its great appearance for a very long time, plus the fact that it can easily be reused in the future and it’s not surprising that laminated flooring is making waves across Western Australia.

Parrys Flooring supply and install flooring across the entire Perth metropolitan area and is one of the biggest stockists of laminate. Visit one of our large warehouses or get in touch with one of our friendly flooring specialists and ask about our range of competitively priced laminate flooring.

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Ian is a renowned floor covering expert in product knowledge and installation. He is specialized in all types of floor coverings for many years and his knowledge in the industry is exceptional. Feel free to ask Ian any floor covering question you may have.

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