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Step by Step Guide on How to Install Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid flooring has a “click-together” design (also called “floating floor” structure) for easy installation by anyone. However, you must read the flooring guidelines carefully just in case there are unique installation requirements you must know about beforehand.

Here are some general guidelines for installing hybrid flooring:

Step 1: Measure the floor

Before you start installation, you need to measure the room. This step is important so you buy the right amount of hybrid planks for your project.

Tip: If you’re measuring multiple rooms and passage areas, check out our handy flooring measuring guide here for how to work out more detailed calculations.

Step 2: Gather the tools and materials you need

For a typical flooring installation, you need a tape measure, chalk line, pencil, crosscut power saw, a pry bar, tapping block, mallet, and tape.

You may also need trims, molding, and safety glasses for the project. To get a comprehensive list of the tools and materials you need, check the installation guidelines that come with the flooring.

Step 3: Prepare the floor

The subfloor must be solid, level, dry and clean.

Preparing your floor for installation involves :

1-  Clearing out any furniture, removing old flooring (if necessary) and removing reusable wall trims or bases carefully.
2 – Cleaning and drying your subfloor. The subfloor must be solid, level, dry and clean.
3 – Checking for imperfections as uneven subfloors can damage hybrid flooring prematurely.

If you need to do any repairs, do them at this stage. Remember to let concrete subfloor cure completely (approximately 60 days) before installing hybrid flooring. Proceed to the next step after ensuring your subfloor as well as site conditions comply with installation requirements.

Tip: Look for any dips in the flooring where it is uneven. These dips will need to be filled in before you lay your flooring. Read more on how to prepare your floor before installing laminate.

Step 4: Install underlays

If required, install underlay.

In most cases underlays are installed using a release-type adhesive and flooring is fully adhered. Read the installation guidelines to determine if you need underlays.

Step 5: Install flooring

Hybrid flooring installation usually begins as close to the longest run. It’s important to plan your installation on paper first to discover where you need to do some trimming. Remember to leave an expansion gap (6 to 10 mm) on the sides and ends to cater for flooring expansion/contraction that takes place during temperature fluctuations.

During laying, any off-cut from a previous row should be used to start the next row if it meets the recommended length guidelines. Also, ensure the flooring is perfectly aligned and locked in place. As you lay the flooring, place wedges to ensure the expansion gap is maintained.

Step 6: Finish up the floor

Finish by removing wedges and spacers and install skirting boards. Fix any trims if required ensuring they don’t compromise expansion gaps. Clear the floor and clean using the recommended cleaner.

For larger or more complicated hybrid flooring installations, don’t hesitate to hire a professional.

Looking for hybrid planks for your project? Browse our range of 5.5mm and 6mm hybrid flooring options on the Parrys website.

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If you are looking for a guide to install laminate flooring, head over this other guide we wrote specifically for laminate.

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