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Key Reasons to Replace Carpet!

At Parrys, we’ve been helping people with their flooring since the 80s and have heard it all when it comes to floor coverings! So, what exactly motivates homeowners to roll out some new carpet?

Here’s what we know!

1.) Stains

When carpets stain, it can be difficult to remove them and some stains get worse over time, especially if the padding underneath is impacted. We often hear our clients say they’ve had enough of trying to rearrange the furniture – literally! – to cover up spills and stains. Good quality carpet in a home can last up to 15 years but, of course, with pets and young children, it can need replacing much sooner. Five years could be considered a good innings in those early years!

If a quality professional clean isn’t delivering results, it’s time to plan for new carpet.

2.) Smells

Stains on carpet often present another issue – smells!
From pets having accidents to red wine spills or water damage, smelly carpet can be difficult to live with. Deep cleaning may bring it back but there are points of no return, such as when mould is causing the stink. It’s important to ensure carpet doesn’t become a breeding ground for mould after flooding as it can be a health issue, especially if linked to a toilet overflowing.

3.) Style

Fashions come and go, as we know. And that’s true of carpet too.
Back in the day, a plush brown carpet was the norm for many, and now many wouldn’t dream of going back! Changing the colour of your carpet can completely transform a room and often avoid the costly exercise of moving house. Often, clients come in after painting walls and realising the new colour clashes with the carpet. Then there’s the fact that certain carpet patterns or weaves can date a home.

4.) Stress

Carpet that’s stressed, matting and wearing out – or is already well worn-out! – doesn’t work as well. It sounds obvious but is easy to forget. How good does it feel to tread barefoot over plush carpet? Thinning carpet doesn’t feel as good as you walk over it, meaning you’re deriving less comfort from it and aren’t as inclined to stretch out on it to watch that new movie or catch up on your favourite show. Replacing carpet to enhance comfort is a key motivator for customers. Stress and matting is more likely in areas of high foot traffic (like entries and hallways), in areas exposed to strong sunlight, and in spots where furniture rests, but it can happen anywhere.

5.) Saving Money

Carpet isn’t just about making a room look good; it’s also doing the hard yards in terms of temperature regulation. Carpet (especially wool) is a natural thermal insulator and good at helping keep rooms warmer on cold days, however, when the fibres get tired, their insulation ability reduces. This may boost heater use, upping your gas or electricity bills. When carpet wears out and things start feeling chilly, our clients visit us to bring that extra warmth back.

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Ian Minotti

About Ian Minotti

Ian is a renowned floor covering expert in product knowledge and installation. He is specialized in all types of floor coverings for many years and his knowledge in the industry is exceptional. Feel free to ask Ian any floor covering question you may have.

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