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Getting the Most out of Your Carpet: Use the scraps!

Have you just updated your floor coverings and have fresh carpet offcuts on your hands?

Made the switch to timber, laminate, vinyl, or hybrid floors and have some older carpet to repurpose?

Here are a few ideas to get more bang for your buck from new or old carpet scraps!

Gardening aids

Carpet scraps are fabulous for the green thumbs out there.

They can be used as kneeling pads to keep the damp out while in the garden in the cooler months. They can also stop clothes getting dirty while tending to your plants all year round.

Carpet scraps can also work as a weed barrier around bigger plants, can be used to create garden pathways and help keep moisture in the compost heap too.

Pet pampering

If your dog stays outside at night, carpet is a great kennel insulator, helping make your pooch feel that bit cosier. It can easily be pinned to the sides of the kennel for warmth or fixed to the entry to keep rain out.

For cats, make DIY scratching posts by gluing carpet scraps to wood.

Car protection & cleaning

Carpet offcuts can be used as mats to protect your car interior and are also great for positioning on garage walls where car doors may get scraped when opening.

They’re also good for cleaning car windows. Use them with warm soapy water.

Mats around the home

Use your old or new carpet pieces as door mats to wipe shoes or feet and keep the inside of your home cleaner.

They’re also perfect kitchen floor mats, can be used to line cupboards, and help reduce noise and protect items when used in and around tool benches.

Bigger offcuts are good as rugs in smaller rooms and spaces, and are ideal for protecting floors under easels and when painting walls.

Furniture helpers

Keep carpet offcuts handy for when you need to move heavy furniture around the house. Simply place under the feet of your furniture and slide away.

When you think about it, there are so many ways to use carpet, so get as creative as you like!

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Ian Minotti

About Ian Minotti

Ian is a renowned floor covering expert in product knowledge and installation. He is specialized in all types of floor coverings for many years and his knowledge in the industry is exceptional. Feel free to ask Ian any floor covering question you may have.

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