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Frequently asked questions

What is the best carpet?

Carpet selection is based on your personal taste and the needs around your home or office. A clear understanding of your needs will help you choose a carpet that is best for you. By considering the following factors, you will be on the right path to making an informed decision.

Fashion vs function

  1. What is your style or décor theme?
  2. Do you want the latest colour options?
  3. Do you want a plain or textured effect?
  4. Do you want a functional, hardwearing carpet?

Outdoor/indoor environment

  1. Are the paths around your home or office sealed or unsealed?
  2. What is the likelihood of dirt and soil being tracked in?
  3. Do you entertain in some rooms more than others?

Children and pets

  1. Do you have a family that spends a lot of time at home?
  2. What are the high traffic areas around your home?
  3. What is the likelihood of staining (from mud, pets, food, etc)?

Is the carpet for a home or business environment?

  1. Do you want to create a certain style?
  2. In a business environment, does the carpet have to comply with any building regulations such as flammability?

What is your budget

  1. This is one of the most important questions of all!
  2. Parrys prides itself in achieving great selections within all types of budgets.

How do I know how much I need ?

Ideally, a copy of an architects floor plan of your home will help our sales consultants achieve an extremely accurate quantity and price. Alternatively, you could follow our simple “how to measure” guide and bring in your measurements. If you don’t have any sizes at all, that still is no hurdle for our experienced sales consultants. All of the above allow you to be able to make your selection, get accurate pricing*, and secure your sale on the spot.

* some estimations could be subject to a physical site measure prior to finalizing pricing, cutting and installation.

How wide is carpet?

The standard width for carpet in Australia is 3.66 metres; however, some styles of carpet can be produced in widths of 4 metres. The reason for this width measurement is that the machines used to produce carpet are constructed to allow 12 feet (or 3.66 metres) of carpet to be manufactured.

Who will install my new carpet?

Parrys will offer installation as part of the sales package or after-sales service. Installation should be discussed with your sales consultant during the sales negotiation.

Parrys offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on the installation of their floorcoverings*

All carpet should be installed on new underlay that is compatible with the quality, and proposed use of your carpet and otherwise in accordance with Australian Standards Association Carpet Installation Recommendations AS2455.

* The only condition of our carpet installation guarantee, is that your carpet must be installed on brand new underlay.

Do you need a special vacuum cleaner for different types of carpet?

It is important to vacuum your carpet thoroughly and frequently, particularly in high traffic areas. Vacuum cleaners fitted with micro filter systems ensure fine particles (such as dustmite allergens) are removed and stay in the collection bag, which is particularly important if you are dust sensitive.

We recommend that you use a different vacuum cleaner for different styles of carpet. For low cut pile carpets, we suggest a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush that agitates the pile and loosens the soil for easier carpet maintenance. When vacuuming loop pile, cut-loop pile or berber carpet, we recommend that you turn the brush off or change the head to prevent excess fuzzing.

Ensure the vacuum is kept in sound mechanical condition and brushes are cleaned and replaced when worn. Regularly check and adjust the height of beaters (if fitted) to ensure the carpet is not damaged by excessive beating. Suction efficiency of vacuum cleaners is reduced considerably when bags are half full. Change or empty dust collection bags frequently and replace filters as recommended by the manufacturer.

Why does the colour of carpet look different at home?

Lighting can change your perception of carpet colour, making it look like particular areas are lighter or darker than others.

Also, during use, pressure on carpet pile causes the pile to lie in different directions creating the effect of “shading”. This shading is a characteristic of cut-pile carpets (particularly solid colour). While affecting appearance, it has no detrimental effect on the performance of the carpet.

Does having carpet in a house increase airborne dust levels, thus increasing risk to people suffering from asthma and other dust-related allergies?

It has yet to be proven that there is a significant increase in the levels of airborne dust between carpeted and non-carpeted homes. More significantly, there is a misapprehension that having carpet in the home will increase in the exposure to dustmite allergens when in fact there are a range of other triggers in the home that can increase exposure and cause a respiratory reaction.

The Carpet Institute of Australia has provided an information sheet to assist consumers to better understand the issues related to Allergens in the home. Please visit their website at www.carpetinstitute.com.au.

Will I see the joins in my floorcoverings?

Like the joins in your clothes and furniture fabric, this is the same for your carpet. Two cut edges coming together to make one surface. Different styles of carpet join better and are less visible than others. Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee joins that are completely invisible.