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Wool, nylon or polypropylene: your guide to carpet fibres

When it comes to flooring choices for your home, we know there are a lot of options to choose from. If you have decided on laying carpet as your new flooring, there are still more decisions to make!

There are many types of carpet fibres available, to suit different requirements, tastes and budgets. So which one is best for you and your home? Read on to find out.

Wool Fibres

Wool fibres are a popular choice for carpeting, because they are natural, luxurious and come in a wide range of finishes and colours. A renewable resource, wool is the preferred flooring choice for many people, due to its classic style.

Durability and resilience

Wool fibres are extremely strong and long-lasting, giving wool carpeting excellent back-bounce properties which allows the carpet to retain its original appearance after compression. If properly looked after and maintained, wool carpet fibres offer superior durability.

Easy cleaning

Chemical stain resistance treatments are not necessary for wool carpeting. Wool’s unique fibre structure of microscopic, overlapping scales (similar to tiny roof shingles) make it durable and hard-wearing, while stopping dirt from adhering to the fibres.

Wool also does not attract lint, making vacuuming easier and when wet cleaning, the wool fibres swell and release dirt particles, to enable easy clean-up.

Environmental benefits

Wool is a natural product, rather than being man-made and grows continuously on grazing sheep. Additionally in landfill, wool will decompose leaving no harmful residues.

Soft to the touch

Wool’s unique texture and springiness, combined with its luxurious warmth will leave you wanting to walk around barefoot all day.

Health benefits

Wool has the unique property to be hypo-allergenic and does not promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria or give off any harmful emissions.

Nylon Fibres

Advancements in technology and manufacturing mean that synthetic carpets have come a long way since they were first introduced. Synthetic nylon carpet can have just as many benefits as wool carpets and because of its affordability, nylon carpet is often the preferred carpet fibre for many Australian homes.

Versatility and choice

Nylon is very versatile and can come in a wide range of colours and can be found in both cut pile and loop pile styles. The wide range of different types available means it will suit many different styles of homes.


Nylon is constructed to be a very strong fibre and it stands up very well to abrasion, making it fantastic for high-traffic areas like hallways, the living room or kids bedrooms. It’s also highly durable and has great “yarn memory” which prevents crushing of your carpet, meaning it will look fresh and new for longer.

Soil and stain resistant

Nylon carpeting is manufactured and designed with superior stain resistance, as well as being resistant to dirt, as the fibre is better at resisting the absorption of fluids and dirt, making it perfect for high-traffic areas in your home or for commercial areas, where accidental spills may occur.

Nylon carpets are more stain resistant than other types of carpet, as nylon is water resistant meaning that most spills and accidents can be cleaned up with a quick vacuum or spot cleaning.

Fade resistance

Nylon carpets fibres are fade resistant, making them perfectly suited for those areas that are exposed to direct sunlight, like areas near large windows. There are not many places in the home where nylon carpeting would not suit!

Value for money

Nylon carpeting is readily available at all price points; it’s a versatile fibre that can be used in cost-effective carpeting for investment of first homes, but it is also suitable for higher-end products to suit your forever home.

Polypropylene fibres

Polypropylene, also known as Olefin, is another synthetic carpet fibre, similar to Nylon. Its wool-like appearance, practicality and low-price point makes it a very popular choice as a flooring option.

Highly stain resistant

Polypropylene fibres are highly resistant to staining because they are hydrophobic, meaning that they do not absorb liquid. Because of this characteristic they cannot be dyed like regular carpet fibres, but instead the colour of the polypropylene carpets fibres is added to the during production.. Because of this manufacturing process, solution-dyed fibres have no open dye sites, so there is nowhere for stains to attach to.

A practical choice

Due to their unique manufacturing process, polypropylene carpets offer excellent fade and stain resistance. The fibre dries quickly when wet and so is not prone to mould or mildew as a result of the moisture.

Easy to clean

Polypropylene fibre carpets are very easy to clean due to their stain resistance, making them the perfect choice in rooms where the carpets may be subjected to unexpected spills, like dining rooms, children’s bedrooms, and playrooms.

Stylish and versatile

Polypropylene fibre carpets are valued in the carpeting industry for their wool-like appearance, and their finishes can range from low luster (matte) to a high sheen, giving homeowners a range of options and styles.

Great quality at an even better price

Polypropylene fibre carpets are very strong and abrasion resistant, and offer versatility at a very reasonable price point, making it a great option for first home owners, investors, or families on a budget who still want a stylish and quality product.

Parrys’ Parting words

So whether you choose wool, Nylon or Polypropylene fibres for your new carpets, you’ll find a great range of products to suit and taste and budget at Parrys.

Our flooring experts will be able to give you great advice on what flooring will best suit your home and lifestyle, get in touch with us today to get started.

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