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Hi, this is Ian from Parrys Flooring Solutions. We get people coming in every day asking about the new flooring hybrid. Hybrid’s been around for about 7 or 8 years now and they always ask which is the best for them? Well, look, plenty of options.

Most shops you go into have six, seven, eight ranges. Small, short little boards, five and a half mil thick. They grow into longer boards, wider, slightly thicker. And then you’ve got granddaddy, which is as tall as me, 1800 long. These are all different boards, different widths, different lengths, different sizes, quality all the same.

What’s important is the wear layer on top. As long as it’s domestic wear layer of 0.3mm, which most of these ranges are. But if it’s a 0.5mm wear layer, that’s commercial rated, and that can be laid in better places like shopping centers, shops, places which require a lot more foot traffic. The best thing I always suggest to a customer is pick your favorite color. Is it gray or not gray? Is it dark? Is it light?

Because all the hybrids at Parrys suit your house, prices range from $20 per square meter from the cheapest to the most expensive. And that’s only because of the size of the board. Come and see our guys down at Parrys. They’ll help you pick your favorite color and your favorite hybrid.

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Ian Minotti

About Ian Minotti

Ian is a renowned floor covering expert in product knowledge and installation. He is specialized in all types of floor coverings for many years and his knowledge in the industry is exceptional. Feel free to ask Ian any floor covering question you may have.

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