Cleaning Your Floors

Keep your laminate floors shining beautifully with these simple and easy cleaning tips.

Cleaning your laminate floor is simple. Dirt and dust are easily removed with a dry dust mop. Vacuum with the hard floor attachment of your vacuum cleaner or wipe occasionally with a lightly dampened cloth mop.

For more difficult to remove soil, use a cloth, moistened very slightly with water, and wipe the surface afterwards with a clean dry cloth. Under no circumstances should the flooring be wet mopped and laminate cleaners should not be sprayed directly on the flooring as this may cause the laminate flooring joints to buckle and lift due to excessive spraying. Laminate cleaner should be sprayed lightly on a soft cloth first before wiping the surface to remove the stain.

For heavier cleaning, mix household vinegar and water or household ammonia with warm water. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners, soap or detergent based cleaners, wax-based products, or any type of polish on laminate floors, this will cause your floor to look dull and will leave a filmy residue.

If a stains remains, you may remove the worst stains with acetone or denatured alcohol on a soft cloth without bleaching or damaging the floor. Also, nail polish remover contains acetone, which is very convenient.

Maintaining Your Floors

To maximise the durability and beauty of your laminate floor, we recommend the following practices as part of your floor’s normal care and maintenance:

  • Wipe up accidental household spills immediately with a clean dry cloth.
  • Place a doormat outside exterior entrances to collect excess moisture and dirt and stop it from getting on your floor. Dust and dirt such as sand and grit will not only make the floor dirty but can cause premature wear and tear and scratches.
  • To prevent scratching from excess dirt and dust, dust-mop (dry and clean), or vacuum the floor regularly.
  • Use only colourfast and non-scratch carpeting or pads on your floor.
  • Avoid sharp or pointed objects with concentrated weight such as high heels on your floor.
  • Use protective furniture coasters and felts pads under furniture legs.
  • Rearrange furniture occasionally for increased indentation resistance.
  • Do not treat or seal laminate floor panels after they are installed. The floor must not be waxed, varnished or polished. Do not use steel wool or abrasive cleaning methods on the floor panels after they are installed, as it will damage the surface layer of the floor.
  • Never sand, lacquer, or refinish laminate flooring surfaces.
  • Never use steam cleaners on a laminate floor, as they will swell the boards’ joints from the heat.
  • Never wet-mop the floor as it will cause swelling of the joints.