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Commercial carpet for your office – how to choose the right one

Carpeting an office isn’t like carpeting a home. Why? The answer is simple: because offices aren’t used the same way homes are.

Foot traffic is higher, the use is harder, acoustics are different – those are just a few of the factors why specially engineered commercial carpeting makes sense for office installations. Yet not all commercial carpets are created equal.

So, how do you choose the right commercial carpet for your business premises? The following article will answer just that question.

Commercial carpet durability – how long does it last?

One of the main factors that sets home and office carpets apart is longevity. Office carpet has to be tough, really tough – ideally lasting until the end of a commercial lease.

Come to think of it, that’s a great way to estimate what grade of commercial carpet will suit your needs: the longer your office lease, the higher the quality of the carpet you need.

And they can withstand it too. Top quality commercial carpeting can carry a warranty of life expectancy of up to 30 years.

How will your office be laid out?

Categorically different things will be happening in the different areas of your office. Why should the floor covering in the storage closet be the same as used in the reception area? Thinking about how your staff use the different parts of your office can help you determine what sort of carpet you should install and where.

For example, a hallway that hosts a lot of foot traffic will need higher quality and more durable carpet. A private office, on the other hand, will suit carpet with less resilience due to its moderate use.

It’s all about determining which areas of your office will be the most trafficked. The more foot traffic and furniture movement, the higher the quality of the carpet you should install.

How does your carpet affect your office aesthetic?

Office aesthetics are important too. People are more productive in aesthetically pleasing environments and your floors must also live up to your brand. When it comes to choosing your office carpet, you have to take looks into account.

When you’re choosing your office carpet, be sure to take carpet samples on-site to determine how the design will look in the office in real life. Ensure it harmonises with your existing office design. Match your colour schemes and, if you choose a pattern, make sure it doesn’t clash with something else in the office.

How is your office lit?

Speaking of lighting, different offices have different lighting environments – not just in terms of overhead lighting, but also in terms of the sunlight and streetlight filtering in from outside.

Lighting is a crucial aspect of commercial carpet choice. A colour or pattern that looks good in a carpet showroom may be completely transformed in the context of your office’s lighting environment.

This is where testing carpet samples in your office space comes in handy once more. It will allow you to see the design in a live environment. If possible, test the carpet sample in multiple places at multiple times of day.

How stain resistant must the carpet be?

If you think offices are generally spick and span places, you’d be wrong. All sorts of mishaps mean office carpets are possibly more likely to get stained than home carpets. Think about it: overflow from plants getting watered, people eating at their desks, dirt from outside being tracked in on shoes, photocopier toner leaks … and the classic case of staff rushing while carrying coffee.

At the very least, you don’t want to carpet the areas around the kitchenette with the same carpet as used in a boardroom. One area is likely to see far more accidents than the other.

When it comes to choosing the right carpet for your office, ask yourself how stain resistant the carpet must be for its place of use. The answer to this question will help you narrow down your carpet choices.

Why carpet tiles make business sense for businesses

Most people think of carpets as a big roll of fabric, pattern, pile and backing that’s delivered and then cut to fit the floorspace. They don’t consider carpet tiles and all the advantages they offer. And, for business premises, carpet tiles make an awful lot of business sense.

Increasingly popular as commercial carpets, here are just some of the benefits of carpet tiles:

  • Easy and fast to lay and/or replace
  • Huge variety of colours and patterns, you can even mix and match
  • Range of budgets, quality and durability types mean easy matching room use and floor covering
  • When there are spills or damage, it’s simple, inexpensive and quick to replace individual tiles.

Commercial carpet done right

Choosing the right commercial carpet for your office needn’t be a chore. Think hard about the questions and quandaries posed in this article and you’ll be well on your way to determining the right carpet for your office’s needs.

Want to learn more about commercial carpeting options? Get in touch today to learn how we can help.

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