Best Quality carpet for your home in 5 locations across Perth

Parrys Flooring stores in Perth supply a choice of high-quality carpets that are either cut pile, loop pile or a combination of the two styles. Our carpet collection also comes in different textures and fibres so you can choose from wool carpets, solution dyed nylon carpets and cost-effective polypropylene carpets. Our Parrys stores in and around Perth stock both carpet rolls and room size remnants to suit your budget.

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  • Avenue Avenue
    Ashbourne Ashbourne Ashbourne Benson Benson Benson Dalamere Dalamere Dalamere Macklin Macklin Macklin Martindale Martindale Martindale Milton Milton Milton Morland Morland Morland Rayne Rayne Rayne Sherwood Sherwood Sherwood
  • Blairgowrie Blairgowrie
    Back Beach Back Beach Back Beach Boulder Boulder Boulder Fogarty Fogarty Fogarty Moonah Moonah Moonah Off Shore Off Shore Off Shore Rockpool Rockpool Rockpool Shipwreck Shipwreck Shipwreck
  • Carramar Carramar
    Aged Pewter Aged Pewter Aged Pewter Avalanche Avalanche Avalanche Buckwheat Buckwheat Buckwheat Coals Ash Coals Ash Coals Ash Coastal Dune Coastal Dune Coastal Dune Dove Grey Dove Grey Dove Grey Evening Grey Evening Grey Evening Grey Industrial Grey Industrial Grey Industrial Grey Mulch Mulch Mulch Oyster Shell Oyster Shell Oyster Shell Sea Pearl Sea Pearl Sea Pearl Winter Mist Winter Mist Winter Mist
  • Castle Rock Castle Rock
    Mystic Grey Mystic Grey Mystic Grey Rainstorm Rainstorm Rainstorm Stonehenge Stonehenge Stonehenge Truffle Truffle Truffle
  • Chatsworth Chatsworth
    Archer Archer Archer Cascade Cascade Cascade Cavendish Cavendish Cavendish Devonshire Devonshire Devonshire Dutchess Dutchess Dutchess Peak District Peak District Peak District Sir William Sir William Sir William
  • Denmark Denmark
    Bimberi Bimberi Bimberi Feathertop Feathertop Feathertop Franklin Franklin Franklin Hotham Hotham Hotham Howitt Howitt Howitt Riverina Riverina Riverina
  • Flinders Gorge Flinders Gorge
    Amyton Amyton Amyton Beltana Beltana Beltana Blanche Blanche Blanche Jarvis Jarvis Jarvis Powell Powell Powell Quorn Quorn Quorn Wilpena Wilpena Wilpena
  • Gridlock Gridlock
    Bohemian Bohemian Bohemian Phantom Phantom Phantom Zurich Zurich Zurich Storm Storm Storm
  • Langhorne Hut Langhorne Hut
    Arbol Arbol Arbol Bertol Bertol Bertol Borrett Borrett Borrett Chapel Chapel Chapel Hanok Hanok Hanok Orri Orri Orri Sheoak Sheoak Sheoak Solvay Solvay Solvay
  • Mississippi Mississippi
    Atlantis Atlantis Atlantis Botany Botany Botany Eudora Eudora Eudora Honeysuckle Honeysuckle Honeysuckle Presley Presley Presley Sandhill Sandhill Sandhill
  • Pebble Grid Pebble Grid
    Basalt Basalt Basalt Kimberlite Kimberlite Kimberlite Obisdian Obisdian Obisdian Quartzite Quartzite Quartzite Sandstone Sandstone Sandstone Scoria Scoria Scoria Shale Shale Shale
  • Ravine Ravine
    Boulder Boulder Boulder Cobblestone Cobblestone Cobblestone Crevice Crevice Crevice Fissure Fissure Fissure Grey Pebble Grey Pebble Grey Pebble Oatmeal Oatmeal Oatmeal Pewter Pewter Pewter Rawhide Rawhide Rawhide Smokey Ash Smokey Ash Smokey Ash Spillway Spillway Spillway Stone Haze Stone Haze Stone Haze Stonewall Stonewall Stonewall Tussock Tussock Tussock
  • Rocky Point Rocky Point
    Escarpement Escarpement Escarpement Fossil Fossil Fossil Gorge Gorge Gorge Granite Granite Granite Limestone Limestone Limestone Mesa Mesa Mesa Peninsula Peninsula Peninsula Rockface Rockface Rockface Sandstone Sandstone Sandstone Stonecrop Stonecrop Stonecrop Stoneridge Stoneridge Stoneridge
  • Spring Ridge Spring Ridge
    Birch Grey Birch Grey Birch Grey Canyon Stone Canyon Stone Canyon Stone Coastal Beige Coastal Beige Coastal Beige Crane Crane Crane Galena Galena Galena Ivory Coast Ivory Coast Ivory Coast Tempest Tempest Tempest
  • Texture Grid Texture Grid
    Peat Peat Peat Pearl Pearl Pearl Granite Granite Granite Dovetail Dovetail Dovetail
  • Torenco Torenco
    Anchor Anchor Anchor Concord Ivory Concord Ivory Concord Ivory Elephant Grey Elephant Grey Elephant Grey Java Java Java Pecan Pecan Pecan Raven Raven Raven Stardust Stardust Stardust
  • Ventura Ventura
    Ventura Coal Ventura Coal Ventura Coal Ventura Desert Ventura Desert Ventura Desert Ventura Ink Ventura Ink Ventura Ink Ventura Pebbles Ventura Pebbles Ventura Pebbles Ventura Zinc Ventura Zinc Ventura Zinc
  • Winslow Winslow
    Back Beach Back Beach Back Beach Boulder Boulder Boulder Moonah Moonah Moonah Off Shore Off Shore Off Shore Rockpool Rockpool Rockpool Shipwreck Shipwreck Shipwreck