Cut Pile Plush

Cut pile carpets are achieved by cutting the tops of the loops so the pile stands upright with an even smooth velvet surface. The yarn is constructed with a slight twist, which has been chemically or heat set. This creates a carpet with a very soft, luxurious look. Plush pile carpet has a tendency to display temporary shading from footprints and vacuuming. This is regarded as a characteristic of this style, but has no detrimental effect on the performance of the carpet.

Cut Pile Twist

Cut pile twist carpets are constructed with a higher twisted yarn causing the pile to lay in different directions, giving a more textured appearance. Twist pile carpets are hard wearing and maintain their finish. Because they have a more textured finish, they are also less likely to show traces of shading or tracking within the pile.

Loop Pile

A looped carpet is, as the name suggests, where the carpet pile forms a loop. The yarn is threaded through the backing then sewn back through – creating a loop of yarn. There are several types of loop pile carpets. The more common ones are level loops, sisals, textured loops and multi-level loops. Each creates a very distinct look in the home. Loop pile carpets are hard wearing, durable and do not have a tendency to show tracking (footprints) as often as other carpet.


Sisal is a loop pile carpet made with textured loops in straight rows. The height of the loops can be varied to produce different patterns and textures. This style of carpet is very popular due to its classical appearance and adaptability to almost any interior design.

Textured Loop & Cut Pile

As it sounds, this style of carpet is a combination of both cut and loop tufts. The tufts can be of different height, giving a textured and patterned appearance

Level Loop & Cut Pile

This carpet style is a combination of level loop and cut tufts. It has a stylish finish with a soft, smooth feel. Because of its unique construction, a range of distinctive patterns can be combined with colours that appeal to individual tastes

Hi/Lo Loop Pile

This style of carpet is made using loops of various heights, giving a textured finish to the surface of the carpet. Hi/Lo loop pile carpets are exceptionally durable.