Natural Wool

Wool carpets have the most luxurious feel. Their subtle beauty can increase your enjoyment of any room. Wool’s unique fibre structure makes it durable and hardwearing, so wool carpets keep their appearance longer.

Wool carpets can feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Wool has innate stain resistance properties, allowing spills to be cleaned more easily. It is also flame retardant and acts as an insulator, helping to reduce ambient noise.

Versatile Nylon

Nylon is usually regarded as a highly versatile fibre type. It can be constructed into virtually any style, and the nylon/synthetic fibres are extremely resistant to stains (provided they have been properly treated).

Carpets made with nylon/synthetic fibres provide long-term resilience and durability. Colour choice is greatly increased because nylon fibres accept dye more readily than other fibres, providing you with scope to choose a carpet that will suit your style and needs.

Solution Dyed Nylon

Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) offers complete consistency in colour as well as improved colourfastness against light. Pigment and polymers are mixed before extrusion, giving the manufacturer the potential to create a palette of over 1,000,000 colour combinations.

SDN offers long-term resilience, durability, and superior stain resistance. Because SDN is non-porous the fibre can resist stains and odours.

Cost-Effective Polypropylene

Similar to SDN, pigment and polymers are mixed before yarn extrusion. Manufactured using synthetic fibres, polypropylene fibres have many similar properties and benefits as nylon fibres. Polypropylene yarn has excellent colourfastness properties with the incidence of sunlight and ozone fading greatly reduced. It also contains anti-static properties. Carpets manufactured using polypropylene yarn provide value for the budget-conscious consumer.


Polyester is a synthetic fibre used in carpet that is resistant to stains and fading. It is known for its excellent performance and value for money. Polyester fibre is often made out of recycled materials, making it the environmentally friendly carpet option. Polyester carpet is the wise choice when it comes to environmental impact. Polyester fibre produces some of the most beautiful colourations available in carpet. Polyester offers a wide selection of textures and colours. It is non-allergenic, and at a lower cost than wool or nylon, provides excellent value for money.