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Carpets for home selling solutions


Parrys offers selling solutions that help you get that extra dollar in your pocket when you sell your house. Stylish and high performance, Parrys offers loop pile carpets, twist pile and cut pile carpets that will last for many years to come. Carpet fibres ranging from natural wool through to versatile nylon and cost-effective polypropylene are also available in any of our warehouses in Perth.

Gold Class

Your New Home is a work of art and a sizeable investment for the future. Your carpet should reflect this same attitude. By selecting a high quality Plush or Twist Pile carpet with weight of 50 ounce or more will give your house the desired luxury look. You could also try a Textured Loop Pile with distinctive features or patterns. There are also some fantastic High Level Loop Pile Wool carpets which ooze comfort and class. By upgrading your underlay from our Platinum to Gold not only enhances the feel under your feet but also gives a better protection to the carpet you have purchased.

Ask our Flooring Solution Specialist about Parry’s Touch of Dreams, Horizon, College Park, Provincial Twist, Rocky Point and Dakota Twist ranges. Also enquire about our Parry’s Gold Comfort+ Underlay.

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Silver Class

If you wish to save some money for other associated building and fitting costs you can still invest in a fantastic new floor by selecting a mid-weight high quality Plush or Twist Pile carpet. There are many carpets within this range to select from with a diverse range of finishes and colours. Added stain resistance is also a benefit.

Ask our Flooring Solution Specialist about Parry’s Touch of Freedom, Hamilton Twist and Silken Touch ranges.

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Bronze Class

New Home Builders have plenty to spend on with their internal and external house finishes and for an entry level budget a hard wearing loop pile carpet can still look fashionable and classy. If you still like the look of a plush or twist there is still some light to mid-weight choices that can still give a great first impression and look and feel of comfort. With a large range of patterns and their ability to handle high traffic areas, these carpets are an ideal choice.

Ask our Flooring Solution Specialist about Parry’s Madeira, Crown Twist, AlambraMississippi, Barcelona, Silhouette, Rustic Style and Ventura ranges.

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