All Seasons Vinyl Sheets

All Seasons Vinyl Sheets: a rough and tough lifestyle needs flooring that can live up to the challenge of modern Australian households.

Our All Seasons Vinyl Sheets range was designed and engineered specifically for busy lifestyles, whether you’ve got growing families, tradies, or energetic pets in your home. All Seasons can cater to any home design, featuring modern patterns and classic styles that include timber-flooring, granite and tile varieties.

An affordable style of flooring, our All Seasons sheet vinyl has comfort in mind. A cushioned backing makes this vinyl flooring a delightful feel underfoot. With scuff, scratch and stain resistance, our All Seasons range is a durable and versatile flooring solution.

Thickness: 3.00mm

Wear layer: 0.25mm

Width: 4m

Warranty: 10 Year Residential

What are the unique features of this sheet vinyl collection?

Hard-wearing and durable, the All Seasons Vinyl Sheets range is scuff, scratch and stain resistant. Featuring a variety of timber, granite and tile designs, and with a cushioned backing for your comfort, you’ll be enjoying your selection for years to come.

How do I know how much of All Seasons do I need?

You can either calculate how much flooring you need by using the plan for your home, or by using a tape measure to calculate each space. Read more about measuring your room for vinyl flooring in our handy guide.

How do I lay the vinyl sheets?

All Seasons Vinyl Sheets comes in rolls and needs to be loose laid down on the floor for fitting. All our vinyl sheet products are ready to cut and take home. Get in touch with one of our installation specialists at Parry’s for support and advice.

How to look after your vinyl flooring?

  • Vinyl is a durable, versatile flooring choice. With extra care, your flooring will continue to look as good as new for years to come.
  • Ensure you use doormats to prevent gravel and stones from being tracked onto your flooring. Make sure these mats are cleaned regularly to prevent any scratching the surface of your vinyl flooring.
  • Use a broom to sweep away any dirt, as some vacuum cleaner attachments can be damaging. Wipe-up any liquid spills or grime as soon as possible using a soft cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaning tools or products as this can damage the protective layers of your flooring.
  • Avoid dragging furniture across your vinyl flooring, as this can scuff or scratch surfaces easily. Use rubber caps or felt to minimise the chance of your furniture damaging your floor. If your furniture has castor wheels, use timber planks to roll furniture to different locations.

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