Affinity Vinyl Planks


Choose stunning sophistication with our Affinity vinyl plank collection.Our lavish Affinity vinyl planks showcase beautiful wood knots and grain patterns that are so realistic you’ll think you’re stepping on hardwood flooring. At a fraction of the cost of timber floors, Affinity will bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home.

Affinity vinyl planks are 2mm thick and come in an incredible 16 varieties of wood species to choose from, perfect for new builds, home renovations and interior designers alike. Whether you’re after modern tones, bold statement pieces or classically styled flooring, the range of textures and colours of our Affinity collection will suit any space. Featuring a seamless interlock system, these gorgeous vinyl planks are easy to connect as a DIY project, or through professional installation.

Plank Size: 184mm x 1219mm

Thickness: 2.0mm

Wear Layer: 0.30mm

Pack Size: 3.37m2

Variety: 16 shades

What are the unique features of this vinyl plank collection?

Our affinity vinyl plank range is designed to replicate the textures and tones of hardwood timber flooring. Featuring realistic wood knots and grain patterns, Affinity planks come in 16 modern and classic timber styles. Affinity features a Polyurethane (PUR) surface treatment to assist ongoing maintenance.

How do I know how much of Affinity do I need?

Calculating how many packs of Affinity vinyl planks you need for your project is easy. Firstly, use our room calculator to measure the floor surface you will be working on. Then, divide the room surface by the pack size of Affinity and you will get the recommended number of packs you need for your project.

For example, let’s say the floor surface of your living room is 4m by 6m, you should get 25.2m2 worth of vinyl planks (calculation includes the recommended 5% wastage). Since Affinity vinyl planks come in a pack size of 3.37m2, you will need to buy approximately 8 packs.

How do I install the vinyl planks?

Affinity Vinyl Planks are glued down to the floor and can be adhered to a concrete, wood or tile subfloor. This installation method is quick and DIY friendly, however we recommend getting in touch with one of our installation specialists at Parry’s for support!

How to look after your vinyl flooring?

  • Vinyl is a durable, versatile flooring choice. With extra care, your flooring will continue to look as good as new for years to come.
  • Lay doormats and rugs in order to prevent stones and dust from being tracked on your vinyl floor and scratch the surface.
  • Always prefer cleaning your floors with a broom rather than a vacuum cleaner as some attachments can damage your vinyls.
  • Immediately wipe-up any liquid spills using a soft cloth and water.
  • Don’t use harsh cleaning products as this may damage the protective layers of your flooring.
  • Place rubber caps underneath your furniture to avoid any risk of scuffing or scratching your vinyl flooring.  

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