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Vinyl flooring

Parrys is one of the biggest stockists of commercial and residential vinyl flooring in Perth!

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What is vinyl flooring?

Grandma’s old lino is (thankfully) a thing of the past. Modern vinyl flooring is a chic, durable and budget-friendly choice for homeowners who want iconic timber-style flooring that will last for decades to come. Bring the beauty of nature indoors with Parrys wide variety of vinyl flooring. Our large range of realistic timber colours and textures to choose from are suitable for any style or home design.

You’ll save time and money every single year with vinyl flooring – unlike real timber flooring, there’s no polishing or sanding required, and it’s easy to maintain, so no fancy or harsh chemicals required. Our vinyl flooring comes in three gorgeous styles: sheet vinylvinyl plank and luxury vinyl plank.

We are one of the few floorcovering stores in Perth carrying vinyl flooring stock ready to cut and take home. With 5 stores throughout the Perth area located in BaldivisMalagaBelmontMyaree and Butler, we have you covered for your commercial needs in vinyl flooring.

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Luxury Vinyl Plank

Need help choosing?

We have a huge range of competitively priced vinyl flooring options, both for residential and commercial use. If you’d like to read more vinyl flooring, we’ve answered some of the most popular questions in our vinyl guides.

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Vinyl flooring FAQs

What is vinyl flooring made of?

Unlike old linoleum flooring, sheet vinyl flooring is made of PVC and synthetic compounds, which is what makes it so durable and easy to care for. Vinyl planks, and luxury vinyl planks, are made of fiberglass mesh, UV coating, a protective wear layer, a decorative layer, and a firm core which makes it stable and durable. All vinyl flooring is water-resistant and safe to use in moisture-prone rooms. It’s also extremely hard wearing and low-allergy – perfect for growing families and boisterous pets.

How much is vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring pricing is mainly driven by the technology and features that go into making this versatile product. Parrys’ vinyl flooring options start from as little as $17.90/m2 for sheet vinyls and from only $39.90/m2 for more luxurious options! Visit our special offers page for our latest vinyl flooring deals and pricings.

What are the difference between vinyl sheets, planks and luxury vinyl?

Sheet vinyl comes in a roll and is typically laid on top of concrete without the use of adhesives.

Vinyl planks and luxury vinyl planks look like hybrid flooring (aka “floating floorboards”) and come in a variety of sizes (length, width and thickness). They are installed the same way as hybrid flooring. Vinyl planks and luxury vinyl planks are closer in look and feel to timber flooring, meaning they have a more realistic finish and texture than sheet vinyl. Luxury vinyl planks have a thicker wear layer, which also makes for better acoustic reduction (and great for apartments!).

How to clean and maintain vinyl flooring?

As with all flooring, doormats are your first line of defense and will keep your floor looking as good as the day it was installed. Make sure you shake-out your doormats (outside of course) and vacuum them to minimise rocks and dirt from being tracked into your home.

For sheet vinyl, it’s best to use a broom and mop (rather than vacuum) to keep it in place and looking in top condition. Vinyl plank and luxury vinyl plank can be cleaned gently with a broom or a careful vacuum and mop.

Although vinyl flooring is water resistant, don’t get too excited and over-soak when mopping. Make sure you avoid steel wool, harsh scrubbing implements, or harsh chemicals. Avoid furniture with castor wheels, or if that’s not an option use wooden planks to help move these
items. Carry furniture carefully (don’t drag) to prevent scratching or scuffing your vinyl. The gentler and more careful you are during cleaning will ensure your floor continues to look its best.

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How to install vinyl flooring?

Sheet vinyl can either be installed DIY or with a professional. As sheets can be heavy and cumbersome to manage, as well as challenging to cut to size, we recommend using a professional if you have not had experience with vinyl previously. They will have the tools and experience required to ensure your new flooring is installed correct and flawlessly.

Read the instructions that come with your vinyl flooring to understand how to prepare your rooms or Read our guide on how to install vinyl floors.