Grand Provincial


Grand Provincial laminate flooring: give your home classic European provincial style without the price tag. Our Grand Provincial European Oak laminate flooring features 14 sophisticated textures and patterns, replicating the beautiful old-world look of oak planks. You can rely on this flooring stand the test of time with a massive 25-year Domestic Warranty. Easy to install as a DIY project or with professionals, Grand Provincial Oak laminate 8mm planks feature a patented Valinge Click System.

Bring brightness into your rooms with whitewash laminate flooring and lighter tones like Glacia/ white Oak. Or bring the warmth and charm of rustic laminate flooring with Weathered Country Oak. Whichever style you choose, Grand Provincial Oak laminate flooring will delight for years to come.

Thickness: 8mm

Plank Size: 196mm x 1216mm

Pack Size: 1.91m2

Warranty: 25 year Domestic

Abrasion Class Rating: AC3

What are the unique features of this laminate collection?

  • High-definition, classic European provincial style
  • Features wood knots and limed & washed finishes
  • Wood grain embossed texture
  • Matt finish
  • Water resistant wax treatment edges 
  • Wear, fade and stain resistant
  • Uses the Välinge patented 2G glueless locking system
  • V Groove Bevelled Edge
  • 25-year residential warranty

What does AC3 rating mean?

Abrasion Class ratings (AC) refer to the durability of a laminate product. AC ratings for domestic use range from AC1 to AC3, AC3 being the most wear resistant class for homeowners. Grand Provincial Oak laminate can then be used in any domestic areas that get heavy foot traffic such as living rooms, hallways, stairs, kitchen, etc. Read our abrasion rating guide to learn more.

How do I know how much of this Grand Provincial laminate I need?

Calculating how many packs of Grand Provincial Oak laminate planks you need for your project is easy. Firstly, use our room calculator to measure the floor surface you will be working on. Then, divide the room surface by the pack size of the Grand Provincial Oak and you will get the recommended number of packs you need for your project.

For example, let’s say the floor surface of your living room is 4m by 6m, you should get 26.4m2 worth of laminate planks (calculation includes the recommended 10% wastage). Since Grand Provincial Oak laminate planks come in a pack size of 1.91m2, you will need to buy approximately 14 packs.

Can I install the laminate planks myself?

If you are confident in your DIY skills, then yes absolutely! This laminate collection uses a patented glueless locking system which makes it easy to install the flooring yourself. Watch this video to see the system in action.To make sure your floor is fully prepared for installation, read our ultimate guide to installing laminate flooring yourself or if you need support, get in touch with our installation specialists at Parry’s!

Care Guide

  • Use indoor and outdoor doormats to ensure unwanted dirt is kept off your flooring; this will help prevent sand or other rough substances from scratching the surface of your laminate flooring.
  • Clean liquid spills as soon as they happen with a soft dry cloth to prevent liquid damage.
  • Tidy up any dirt using a broom, or with a vacuum using the right brush attachment
  • Large soiled areas can be treated by using a mild cleaning solution sprayed onto the surface, being cautious of over-saturating the floor. Use a damp mop to clean the area, ensuring no moisture is left behind. Don’t allow liquids to pool onto the laminate.
  • Avoid soap or harsh cleaners that could scratch your flooring or dull the protective surface of your laminate; this includes cleaning products like scourer sponges.
  • Instead, make your own cleaning solution by following the instructions on our laminate cleaning guide
  • Prevent water and other liquid damage by keeping indoor pot plants or pet water bowls off your laminate flooring.
  • Protect your flooring by putting felt, clear plastic or other protective coverings on the bottom/feet of your furnishings; avoid sliding heaving furniture across your laminate or using furniture with caster wheels, as this could mark or damage your laminate flooring.

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