Evolution Gloss


Evolution Gloss laminate: Architecturally designed, high-definition laminate flooring.

Bring the natural beauty of the Australian bush into your home with 12mm Evolution Gloss laminate flooring. Unlike hardwood timber flooring, Evolution Gloss laminate does not fade in UV light and is a fraction of the cost to buy. The perfect investment for your home, it has the highest domestic abrasion class rating (AC3) and Australia’s only gloss flat finish. Being five times harder to scratch than traditional lacquered flooring, you’re sure to enjoy the look and durability of your flooring for years to come.

Evolution Gloss is available in six gorgeous and unique glossy textures and oak patterns, including our bestselling product the spotted gum laminate.

Thickness: 12mm

Plank Size: 137mm x 1212mm

Pack Size: 1.33m2

Warranty: 25 year Domestic

Abrasion Class Rating: AC3

What are the unique features of this laminate collection?

  • High-definition, architectural wood design
  • Supacoat high-scratch resistant surface
  • AC3 rating
  • 100% lubricated click system for easy installation
  • 12mm laminate
  • No bevelled edges – just a chic square flat finish
  • Sealed with AquaShield – the world’s first dedicated hyper water resistant and non-toxic sealer for laminate flooring
  • Beautifully quiet
  • 25-year residential warranty

What does AC3 rating mean?

AC refers to laminate flooring abrasion class ratings. The AC rating is a way of measuring the durability of a laminate product, helping you understand the suitability for its intended application. To determine an AC rating, flooring is tested with various abrasive methods to wear away at the laminate’s surface layer until a certain point of wear is reached. AC3 represents the highest rating for homeowners, so flooring with this rating is intended to be used in any domestic areas that get heavy foot traffic. Read our abrasion rating guide to learn more.

How do I know how much of this laminate I need?

You can either calculate how much flooring you need by using the plan for your home, or by using a tape measure to calculate each space. You can read more about measuring your room for carpets and timber flooring in our handy guide.

Can I install the laminate planks myself?

Yes! The click-together system is simple to follow. To make sure you have all the tools you need, and to get your floor fully prepared for installation, you can read our ultimate guide to installing laminate flooring yourself.

If you need further guidance or support, our experienced installation specialists at Parry’s are here to help.

Care guide

Evolution Gloss laminate is simple and easy to care for. Unlike hardwood timber, our laminate has a protective coating that means you won’t need to wax, polish, sand or lacquer it to keep that nice gloss finish. By following this care guide, your flooring will look new for years to come.

  • You can clean your floor with a broom or vacuum, and a clean dry cloth for minor spills.
  • Soak liquid spills immediately to ensure you don’t damage your floor.
  • For large soiled areas, spray cleaning solution onto the floor, but do not saturate/over-wet the floor. Then mop the area that requires cleaning, leaving no moisture behind.
  • Doormats help prevent dirt, sand, grit and other substances from being tracked onto your floor.
  • Put wide-bearing, non-staining floor protectors on your furnishings, such as felt or clear plastic.
  • Avoid putting pot plants or water bowls for pets on your floor to prevent liquid damage.
  • Do not use soap-based cleaning products or abrasive cleaners, as it can dull the finish or scratch your flooring.
  • Do not use chairs with caster wheels, or slide chairs across the floor when sitting, or slide heavy furniture across the floor as it will damage the surface of your laminate.

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