Maxi-7 Hybrid is an innovative composite flooring product capturing the natural beauty of timber as a stablised waterproof system.
With premium ceramic coatings designed for commercial and high traffic residential uses.

  • Sound reducing Pad
  • 100% Water Proof
  • Fast & Secure Clip System
  • Superior Scratch Resistant
  • Pet Proof
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • No acclimatisation necessary

Plank Size: 7.00mm

Thickness: 1830mm x 230mm

Wear Layer: 0.50mm

Pack Size: A34 2.10m2

What is hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring is a great alternative to hardwood or laminate for your home or commercial space. With high-definition timber designs, combined with the characteristics of laminate and vinyl, hybrid flooring is an excellent choice for your needs. It is waterproof and sunproof, as well as scratch, heat, weather and stain resistant. Read more on why hybrid flooring is so revolutionary.

What is hybrid flooring made of?

Our hybrid flooring features a proprietary Quantum Core Limestone/PVC Composite core. It is this core that makes the flooring waterproof, durable and impact resistant. On top of this are the beautiful high definition designs you know and love, coated by a commercial grade wear layer that gives high impact resistance. Each plank has a pre-adhered underlay designed for comfort underfoot and excellent acoustics (which is great for apartment buildings).

How much is hybrid flooring?

At Parry’s carpets we pride ourselves on maintaining excellent relationships with manufacturers to ensure you’re getting the best quality products on the market. It’s because of our relationships that we offer hybrid flooring at the most competitive prices. As a general guide, hybrid flooring can cost as little as $32.90 per square metre. Visit our Special offers page.

How do you lay hybrid flooring?

Hybrid flooring is incredibly easy to install, much like existing laminate flooring varieties. Rigid Planks use a click lock installation method, meaning no glue or special tools are required (all you’ll need is a rubber mallet). Planks click and slide together tightly on the long side, and simply drop into place on the short side. Read our installation guide.

Care guide:

  • As with all hard flooring, be careful when moving heavy appliances or furniture to prevent scuff marks or gouges. Use non-staining felt or rubber floor protectors on furniture, and for furniture with casters/wheels ensure protective mats are used.
  • Use non-staining doormats to protect and reduce the amount of dirt and stones brought into your home.
  • A simple sweep or vacuum with the proper attachment will keep your floors clean and loosen any dirt present. For further cleaning, use a damp cloth, mop or sponge (not wet).
  • Clean all liquid spills immediately with a dry, soft cloth.
  • Avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaning products and tools to ensure the protective surface of your flooring remains intact.
  • Don’t use oil, soap, wax or polish as this can leave the floor slippery or dull the finish of your flooring. A PH neutral cleaner is ideal.
  • Although this flooring is completely waterproof, ensure that moisture and liquids do not collect on either side of your flooring to ensure that mold or mildew cannot grow.


Product images on the website will vary in colour due to many factors such as monitor type, scan quality, lighting arrangements etc. Images do not seek to duplicate the exact visual appearance, but serve merely as a guide or point of reference. Actual carpet samples should be inspected at your nearest Parrys outlet to confirm texture and colour before making a purchase decision.