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What are cut pile twist carpets?

Cut pile twist carpets are made by cutting yarn loops which produces an upright pile. This design causes the pile to lay in different directions giving a more textured appearance, a more luxurious and formal look than a loop pile. Twist pile carpets are hard wearing and maintain their finish. Because they have a more textured finish, they are also less likely to show traces of shading or tracking within the pile.

Main features:

  • Constructed with a higher twisted yarn than loop pile carpets
  • Textured  and luxurious appearance
  • Hard wearing and maintain their finish
  • Less likely to show traces of shading or tracking


Cut pile twist carpets from our Gold Collection weight 50 ounce or more and will give your home a high end sophisticated look. Choose from either synthetic or wool carpets for the most luxurious feel.


Our Silver Collection features mid-weight high quality twist pile carpets which offer a fantastic finish with comfort and style. Choose from Soft Touch Polyester, wool and other fabrics.


Our Bronze Collection offers light to mid-weight carpet choices that can still give a great first impression and look and feel of comfort. Browse our range of hard wearing yet very affordable cut pile twist carpets.

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