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What are cut pile plush carpets?

Cut pile plush carpets are achieved by cutting the tops of the loops so the pile stands upright with an even smooth velvet surface. The yarn is constructed with a slight twist, which has been chemically or heat set. This creates a carpet with a very soft, luxurious look. Plush pile carpet has a tendency to display temporary shading from footprints and vacuuming. This is regarded as a characteristic of this style, but has no detrimental effect on the performance of the carpet.

Main features:

  • Carpet pile stands upright
  • Smooth velvet surface; soft and luxurious look
  • Tendency to display temporary shading from vacuuming and footprints
  • Formal look, sometimes called a velour carpet


Browse our Gold Collection of high quality plush pile carpets. Weighting 50 ounce or more and made of either synthetic or wool, our cut pile plush carpets will give your house a soft and luxurious look.


Our Silver Collection of mid-weight quality plush pile carpets features a diverse range of finishes and colours. Browse our range and give your home a stylish velvet finish.


For entry level budget, a hard wearing cut pile carpet can still handle high traffic areas. Browse our large range of patterns and give your rooms a fashionable and classy look.