Best Quality carpet for your home in 5 locations across Perth

Parrys Flooring stores in Perth supply a choice of high-quality carpets that are either cut pile, loop pile or a combination of the two styles. Our carpet collection also comes in different textures and fibres so you can choose from wool carpets, solution dyed nylon carpets and cost-effective polypropylene carpets. Our Parrys stores in and around Perth stock both carpet rolls and room size remnants to suit your budget.

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  • Bellavista Bellavista
    Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Satay Satay Satay Pebble Bay Pebble Bay Pebble Bay Murray River Murray River Murray River Market Place Market Place Market Place Bohemia Bohemia Bohemia Asteroid Asteroid Asteroid
  • Bordeaux Twist Bordeaux Twist
    Onyx Onyx Onyx Rhino Rhino Rhino Gunmetal Gunmetal Gunmetal Ecru Ecru Ecru Stone Stipple Stone Stipple Stone Stipple Tempest Tempest Tempest Suede Suede Suede
  • College Park College Park
    Blizzard grey Blizzard grey Blizzard grey Chateau Chateau Chateau Columbia Columbia Columbia Pardo Pardo Pardo Snow Drop Snow Drop Snow Drop Tarragon Tarragon Tarragon Zephyr Zephyr Zephyr
  • Coventry Twist Coventry Twist
    Vellum Vellum Vellum Haze Fur Haze Fur Haze Fur Winding Path Winding Path Winding Path Whippet Whippet Whippet Desert Echo Desert Echo Desert Echo Shadow Shadow Shadow Cedar Plank Cedar Plank Cedar Plank
  • Derry Derry
    Infinity Infinity Infinity Portal Portal Portal Silhouette Silhouette Silhouette Spirit Spirit Spirit Pilot Pilot Pilot
  • Elegance Elegance
    Wind Spray Wind Spray Wind Spray Shale Stipple Shale Stipple Shale Stipple Sandrock Sandrock Sandrock Cold Mountain Cold Mountain Cold Mountain Cloudy Day Cloudy Day Cloudy Day Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic
  • Finley Finley
    Birchbark Birchbark Birchbark Crushed rock Crushed rock Crushed rock Fernwood Fernwood Fernwood Flint Flint Flint Rushmore Rushmore Rushmore Tumbleweed Tumbleweed Tumbleweed Washed ivory Washed ivory Washed ivory
  • Glenside Glenside
    Starlight Starlight Starlight Ghost Grey Ghost Grey Ghost Grey Forged Iron Forged Iron Forged Iron Chestnut Chestnut Chestnut Bone Bone Bone
  • Grand Appeal Grand Appeal
    Birdi Birdi Birdi Cedar Plank Cedar Plank Cedar Plank Grey Grey Grey Mole Grey Mole Grey Mole Grey Nordica Nordica Nordica Shadow Shadow Shadow Pure Malt Pure Malt Pure Malt Vellum Vellum Vellum White Duck White Duck White Duck Winding Path Winding Path Winding Path Zinia Zinia Zinia
  • Iconic Twist Iconic Twist
    Zealous Zealous Zealous Soar Soar Soar Mettle Mettle Mettle Enrich Enrich Enrich Rise Rise Rise Dash Dash Dash
  • In Vogue In Vogue
    Antler Antler Antler Ceramic Dust Ceramic Dust Ceramic Dust Hoodwink Hoodwink Hoodwink Illusion Illusion Illusion Light Rice Light Rice Light Rice Mink Mink Mink Silo Silo Silo Antler Antler Antler Wicked Wicked Wicked
  • Indulgence Indulgence
    Birchwood Birchwood Birchwood Cloudy Day Cloudy Day Cloudy Day Dark Grey Dark Grey Dark Grey Dark Shadow Dark Shadow Dark Shadow Dolphin Dolphin Dolphin Dover White Dover White Dover White Greendale Greendale Greendale Ice Blue Ice Blue Ice Blue Manatee Manatee Manatee Sharkskin Sharkskin Sharkskin Silver Berry Silver Berry Silver Berry Cygnet Cygnet Cygnet Glacier Glacier Glacier Mountain Blue Mountain Blue Mountain Blue Smokey Blue Smokey Blue Smokey Blue
  • Inspired Inspired
    Atmosphere Atmosphere Atmosphere Android Android Android Braid Braid Braid Chalkstone Chalkstone Chalkstone Seal Fur Seal Fur Seal Fur Steel Mesh Steel Mesh Steel Mesh
  • La Trobe La Trobe
    Beige Beige Beige Dusty Grey Dusty Grey Dusty Grey Grey Haze Grey Haze Grey Haze Grey Grey Grey Slate Slate Slate
  • Luxe Plus Luxe Plus
    Tropical Tan Tropical Tan Tropical Tan Smole Stipple Smole Stipple Smole Stipple Silver Moon Silver Moon Silver Moon Natural Stone Natural Stone Natural Stone Morter Grey Morter Grey Morter Grey Gunmetal Gunmetal Gunmetal Black Forest Black Forest Black Forest
  • Queens Twist Queens Twist
    Balsa Stone Balsa Stone Balsa Stone Dove Grey Dove Grey Dove Grey Ecru Ecru Ecru Jarrah Jarrah Jarrah Merbau Merbau Merbau Michelin Michelin Michelin Musket Musket Musket Nightsky Nightsky Nightsky Riversand Riversand Riversand Silver Silver Silver Zodiac Zodiac Zodiac
  • Silk Edge Silk Edge
    Smalto Smalto Smalto Palazzo Palazzo Palazzo Milk Glass Milk Glass Milk Glass Liquid Night Liquid Night Liquid Night Cobalt Blue Cobalt Blue Cobalt Blue Chandelier Chandelier Chandelier Aventurine Aventurine Aventurine
  • Silken Sands Silken Sands
    Dolphin Dolphin Dolphin Fur Seal Fur Seal Fur Seal Orca Orca Orca Sand Grains Sand Grains Sand Grains Sand Reflections Sand Reflections Sand Reflections Shoreline Shoreline Shoreline