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Guide to Carpet Trends & Styles

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Guide to Carpet Trends & StylesThe question on all home builders and home minds is: “Soft Carpet or Hard Flooring?”

Well you can have both. Why not have a hard floor in the main walk and living areas made from engineered timber, bamboo, laminates or even resilient vinyl plank or sheet whilst you can have the softness, warmth and comfort of carpet in the bedrooms and family areas.

In regards to carpet, there are many colours, styles, fabric types and designs suitable for any flooring need. Current carpet trends include:

  • Colour: Neutral colours are always safe. Creams and Beiges have been safe options but shades of grey have been the latest rise in trendy new style homes.
  • Comfort: Plain styles like Twist and Plush Piles seem to be dominating the carpet scene at the moment for new homes and renovations, whilst hard wearing loop piles are all the rage for the rental market.
  • Fabric: Budget conscience buyers are moving away from wools, whilst synthetics such as polyesters, nylon or polypropylene have become more popular because of their durability and price.

Whilst many buyers stick to tradition and formality by having the same carpet in every room of their home there seems to be a growing trend to mix and match rooms depending on the mood and use of the room. Luxury deep piles are all the rage in home theatres and master bedrooms, splashes of vivid colours may suddenly appear in a child’s room whilst a heavy duty loop pile can be found under a desk chair in a study. Having unique themes and colourings in different sections of the house seem to appear more and more with the onset of home renovation television.


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