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Buying Guide to Purchasing Carpet & Floorcoverings

Buying flooring for your house ranks third iamongst the most expensive purchases a homeowner will make; coming in behind the home and car purchase. So it is very interesting to see that most purchases of flooring, being carpet or hard surfaces, comes down to colour and whether it matches with the curtains and paint.

Shoppers of home flooring, and in particular carpet, should consider other things well as the colour and feel. Things like:

  • Product warranty
  • Laying warranty
  • Carpet fibre
  • Stain resistance
  • Quality of the carpet pile
  • Suitability for high traffic areas such as stair cases
  • Current styles and trends
  • Re-sale value
  • How it will be laid in the house

We know when you are buying your car or house you look a lot deeper into these major investments before handing over your hard-earned cash. The same should be considered when shopping for your flooring needs.