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Ian is a renowned floor covering expert in product knowledge and installation. He is specialized in all types of floor coverings for many years and his knowledge in the industry is exceptional. Feel free to ask Ian any floor covering question you may have.

Parrys answer all your vinyl flooring questions

As one of the largest retailers of flooring products in Perth and industry leader for many years, our experts get asked questions about vinyl flooring every day! We have compiled the most frequently asked questions in this guide so you have all the answers in one place.

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Carpet Tiles Vs Broadloom: Which Commercial Carpet is Best for You?

Carpeting a commercial space requires a completely different thought process and product to carpeting your home. While colour and comfort might be top of mind when picking a carpet for your bedrooms and living spaces, durability is the most important factor in carpet choice for high-traffic areas like offices and retail spaces.

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Commercial carpet for your office – how to choose the right one

Carpeting an office isn’t like carpeting a home. Why? The answer is simple: because offices aren’t used the same way homes are. Foot traffic is higher, the use is harder, acoustics are different – those are just a few of the factors why specially engineered commercial carpeting makes sense for office installations. Yet not all commercial carpets are created equal.

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Can Hybrid Flooring Be Installed on Top of an Existing Floor?

To answer the question simply: ‘yes’. It is possible to lay hybrid flooring over the top of your existing floor. But, just like with vinyl and laminate floors, laying hybrid flooring is not as clear cut as that. Not all existing flooring makes a suitable base for hybrids, which means that there are a few important questions to be asked before purchasing and installing your new floor.

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Parry’s guide to vinyl thickness and wear

Getting new flooring is an incredibly exciting part of any building or renovation project. The colours, textures and type of flooring will typically set the tone of your entire living space, so choosing the right product is vital! Here are some handy tips you can follow that will ensure you pick the perfect vinyl flooring type for your home.

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Investor guide: the best low-maintenance flooring for rentals

For property investors, flooring is always an important consideration. The style, quality, feel and colour of flooring can significantly influence the attractiveness and rental return along with property resale value. Yes, the cost of flooring installation and the complexity of ongoing maintenance are major deliberations for a landlord.

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How to replace carpet with laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is one of our many favourite types of flooring at Parrys, because it is cost-effective, versatile and attractive, which makes it the perfect choice in any home! That’s why we have found that many people are choosing to update their current flooring in their home to one of the many types of laminate flooring available.

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